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After the course of a year in pursuit of improving the implementation of sustainable actions, Windsor Atlantica Hotel, located in Copacabana, winning the Travelife Gold certification – Sustainability in Tourism. The Hotel has undergone several adaptations in all sectors. The developers had to recycle their own habits and attitudes, so that we could pursue sustainable activities in all areas and therefore be approved in demanding items considered essential for receiving the Gold Seal.


The award ceremony was held during the Fair of the Americas, October 25th, 2012 in Windsor Hotels stand, where Nicola White, director of the Association of the United Kingdom that manages the Travelife – The Travel Association – and Sören Stöber, auditor of ABTA – The Travel Association – which gave the board ratifies the certification in the Gold category, thus becoming the first hotel in Brazil to receive this certificate.



The Windsor Atlantica Hotel, one of the greatest five-star hotels of the city of Rio de Janeiro, with a primary focus on markets and corporate events, is committed to sustainability management. In synergy with our mission, vision and values establishes its sustainability policy as described below:


Respecting the Principles of Sustainable Tourism, including laws and other requirements and commitments pertaining to sustainability and underwritten by the hotels;


Undertake sustainable actions recognizing them as relevant in relation to our business;


Satisfying customers expectations for services rendered;


Prevent pollution, work-related diseases and accidents relevant the employees and customers;


Organize and standardize processes emphasizing, wherever possible, the simplicity, effectiveness and objectivity;


Negotiate ethically with suppliers and service providers ensuring compliance with sustainability requirements;


Sensitize other stakeholders on issues related to sustainability;


Acting in search of reach goals and objectives through periodic monitoring of indicators, seeking a balance between environmental perspectives, social, cultural and economic;


Search permanently motivation and commitment of employees;


Interact proactively whenever possible, with communities in their surroundings;


Leading as a permanent goal in our business segments; Encourage the development of the skills of employees;


Develop processes based on the principle of continuous improvement system sustainability management;


Critically analyze and periodically review this policy to ensure that it remains appropriate;


Disseminate this policy and sustainability management system through actions communication with stakeholders;


Structuring the monitoring of goals, targets and indicators of sustainability.



The following actions are already being made in the Windsor Atlantica Hotel:

  • Energy-saving lamps with the use of LED technology in 80% of areas of the hotel.
  • Meeting rooms foyers with use of low-consumption compact fluorescent lamps
  • Occupancy sensors in common social halls (8th to 37th floor).
  • Use of locks systems with magnetic cards to turn off the electricity when rooms are vacant.
  • Automatic devices in rooms to turn off the air conditioning when a window is opened.
  • Prioritize natural lighting in the rooms.
  • Taps with flow regulators and discharges on the health system by two streams.
  • Low consumption taps with temperature control by electronic controllers that keeps the temperature at 60 degrees.
  • Recovery System of water from sinks, showers and Jacuzzis through activated carbon filter to reuse in the dumps.
  • Rainwater capture for use in the dumps after treatment.
  • The first washing water of dry cleaning is reused in the rinse.
  • Delivery “ecobacs” to customers in order to keep the city clean.
  • Hospitality Windsor School: pioneer project which contributed effectively to qualify manpower to Rio hotels and improve the quality of life in the community around. Yhe school is sponsored by the Windsor Hotels.
  • Hiring people with disabilities to join the staff of the hotel.
  • Windsor Atlantica took over, together with city hall, the renovation and maintenance of Boulevard Plaza.
  • Chemical Leasing of cleaning products used in the hotel, optimizing use and avoiding waste. Award Winner “GLOBAL CHEMICAL LEASING AWARD – 2014” UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization.
  • Waste management in accordance with local legislation.
  • Waste paper / cardboard, aluminum and plastic bottles are separated and sent for recycling companies.
  • Information Cards placed in the rooms, giving guests the option to change or not their towel and trousseau daily, reducing the need for washing.
  • Employees are reminded to save energy and water, through informative boards in the departments.
  • Completion of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory, totaling the amount of GHG emitted in the year.
  • Donations of used linen  for non-government organizations.
  • Periodic donations campaigns
  • Use of stalk, bark, seeds, etc on recipes with the full use of food .
  • Daily treatment of swimming pool water in order to avoid the need for periodic replacement.
  • Classification as Ecolíderes by Trip Advisor in the category – Platinum attesting that meets the minimum requirements and achieved a score of 60% or higher.