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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Sustenance


In a decision that has accompanied the making of all of our hotels, the Windsor chain has taken measures to provide the new Windsor Atlantica with eco solutions which will help to preserve Nature. These actions were of utmost importance when planning the construction of the new hotel. The Windsor Atlantica has an area of 430.556,42 square feet , distributed into 39 floors. The hotel will feature 545 rooms including two presidential suites, three restaurants, a sophisticated SPA, fitness center, two pools and 24 meeting rooms. In such a large building the consumption of water and energy is vey high and the quest for measures to preserve the natural environment is essential. No doubt the new hotel will be a sustainable reference in hotels in Rio de Janeiro. Among the green building features that the new 5 star will show are:

– Reuse of the water: The water for the sinks, for the showers and for the laundry rooms passes through a treatment station and it is stored to be reused in the sanitary toilets.

– Captivating and reuse of the water from the rain: The water is caught in boxes and reused in the plant irrigation and in the cleaning of common areas.

– Selective garbage collection: Space specially destined to the garbage separation by category. A selective collection will generate income with the material sale.

– Intelligent faucets: Flow Regulators diminish the water outflow without reducing the pressure. A “pair of flushes” drastically low the water expense.

– Gas shower heating: The gas is less harmful to the environment than the electric energy.

– Presence Sensor : In the common areas, it diminishes the electric energy cost.

– Ecological construction: The use of already existent and certified wood.

– Light bulbs of low consumption: LED and engines of high performance ( Pumps and Elevator Water Engines) diminish the energy consumption.

– Bath clothes and bed clothes: They are changed by request of the guests, thus the amount of detergent use diminishes, less polluting the environment.

Moreover, several other Windsor Chain units use intelligent systems for the energy consumption reduction and for the control in the water flow used by any of the hotels. This is the Windsor Chain thinking about the best form of coexisting with the privileged nature in the Rio de Janeiro Wonderful City.

Social activities 

Adoption of Princess Isabel Boulevard: In the year of 2010 the Windsor Chain Hotels, in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro City Hall decided to adopt the gardens and the water fountains of the Princess Isabel Ave Boulevards. Due to the fact that it needs revitalization urgently and known as the great entrance gate for Copacabana it will pass by a complete process of revitalization. The first part of this process will be between the Atlântica Ave. and Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Ave. This reform has been necessary for many years and the boulevard will be totally redesigned. The marbles, the floors and the walls will go through a complete process of cleanness. The water fountains will be substituted and reactivated after a long period without working properly. The gardens will be remade following the original project of the renowned Robert Burle Marx. The illumination will be exchanged and an economic system of energy will start to be used. The revitalization of this first part of the process is due for delivery in December, 2010.

Association with Foundations 

The Windsor Chain Hotels have a long partnership history of action with the Syndrome Down Foundation, with the AADC (Assistance Association for Disabled Children) that makes Christmas cards which the Windsor Chain Hotels distribute as well as with the Cancer Hospital.

Young Apprentice Program

The Program “Young Apprentice” is a success project carried through a partnership among the Windsor Chain Hotels and SENAC. The program is an excellent way to offer youngsters its first job and a chance for them to continue in the professional pursuit in case a vacancy happens. This is a great successful action that has already used hundreds of young apprentices and a great part of them is already working in the Windsor Chain Hotels as employees.


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