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Services & Leisure

Windsor Guanabara Hotel roof has a pool, bar, steam sauna and fitness center. View to the Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer, Guanabara Bay and other highlights are an in all show.

The business Center is equipped with modern computers to be exclusively used by guests. Check fees at the place.
To a small distance, it is possible to visit beautiful tourist and historical attractions in the Wonderful City.
> National Library
> Academia Brasileira de Letras
> Biblioteca Franklin Dória
> Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
> Espaço BNDES
> Sociedade Brasileira de Belas Artes
> Centro Cultural do Paço Imperial
> Museum of Art of Rio
> Museum of Modern Art
> Museu Nacional de Belas Artes
> Museum of Tomorrow
> Palácio Tiradentes
> Igreja Nossa Senhora da Candelária
> Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Carmo da Antiga Sé
> Fundição Progresso
> Circo Voador
> Sala Cecília Meireles
> Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro