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Cultural Support

Since 1986, Windsor Hotel appreciates to offer to their clients accommodation services and events with quality and responsibility, in harmony with the values the company believes.

With this mission and, having tourism as one of its bases, the company realized the need to support the city cultural projects, which encompass several cultural sectors, such as: Shows, music, theater, dance, soiree, movies, literature and similar products.

Thus, Windsor Hotels diversifies even more their services allying accommodations and cultural experience to their guests.

We believe the generation of cultural content with events that value the talent as the country’s intellectual capital helps to bring visibility and return to Rio de Janeiro Tourism and Brasília, the capital of the country. The creative industry is one of the reasons for Brazil’s sustainable development. Thinking about this incentive, Windsor Hotels has created the cultural support fee.

Do not miss this chance. Get in touch to talk and, with great satisfaction, we will be project partners.

Contact E-mail: mkt@windsorhoteis.com.br